How Bridge Financing Works

Mortgage Tips Sorin Badea 9 Jun

How Bridge Financing Works. In life, things rarely go as planned. This is especially true when it comes to real estate! When it comes to buying a new home, in a perfect world, most of us would like to take possession of their new residence before having to move out of the old one. This […]

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Renewing Your Mortgage

Mortgage Tips Sorin Badea 28 Jan

Renewing Your Mortgage. Did you know? Close to 70 percent of mortgages never make it to the end of their term! This means that, for a variety of reasons, homeowners are ending their mortgages early. However, that still leaves a solid 30 percent of home buyers who keep their mortgage until the term is up […]

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It is the Season of Staying Motivated

General Sorin Badea 23 Jan

It is the Season of Staying Motivated. The winter holiday season is often said to be the most wonderful time of the year. However, it is also one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. There are increased demands at work or in your business. The holidays tend to be socially demanding […]

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How to Save with a Variable Mortgage

Mortgage Tips Sorin Badea 23 Jan

How to Save with a Variable Mortgage. When it comes to mortgages, the age-old question remains: “Should I go with a variable or fixed-rate?”. To make an informed decision, it is important to look at the type of buyer and the historical trends. When it comes to variable versus fixed-rate, it is important to understand […]

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Refinancing Your Home

Mortgage Tips Sorin Badea 22 Jan

Refinancing Your Home. One of the best parts about life is that it is ever-changing. This is one of the reasons that mortgages are available on short-term contracts (such as the standard 5-year) so that you can adjust your mortgage over time to best suit your needs. However, in some cases you cannot wait until […]

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Millennials vs Gen X’ers

General Sorin Badea 21 Jan

Millennials vs Gen X’ers. Are millennials better or worse off than Gen-Xers at the same age? Millennials are now the largest generation of people in Canada. They’re the most educated and diverse generation, but they face unique challenges… Millennials had higher after-tax household incomes than young Gen-Xers. Median after-tax household income between 25 and 34 […]

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Find Your Perfect Home Type

General Sorin Badea 20 Jan

Find Your Perfect Home Type. When it comes to finding your perfect home, there are so many more options for potential homeowners! From a single-family dwelling to a townhouse to a modular home, the choices are seemingly endless. But, before you start widening your search, let’s take a look at what makes these home types […]

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First-Time Home Buyer

Mortgage Tips Sorin Badea 20 Jan

First-Time Home Buyer. Being on the path to purchasing your first home is one of the most exciting and most rewarding moments in life! While people don’t always dream of the perfect mortgage, we do grow up thinking of a white picket fence and our dream home. Even if you imagined your dream home as […]

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Getting the Down Payment Down

Mortgage Tips Sorin Badea 21 May

Getting the Down Payment Down. A down payment is one of the most essential aspects of every mortgage application and new home purchase. In Canada, home purchases require a minimum cash payment from your own funds that is put towards the purchase. This is your down payment and is considered your stake in the deal. […]

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25 Secrets Your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know

Mortgage Tips Sorin Badea 20 May

25 Secrets Your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know. Twenty-five or thirty years can sound like an impossibly long time to service a loan – and for many of us, it is. If you are looking to pay off your mortgage faster, here are some tried-and-true tactics to get you to financial freedom that much […]

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